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Everything you need to know about us!!

Kia ora! We are Witness Merch, run by us, Tarun and Sarah. We are the faces behind this Christian small business and are so happy to e-meet you. While we didn’t really know each other when we were young, we were both gifted with a God-given desire for fashion and creating a business. While there are a lot of reasons why we started Witness Merch, we both always knew that we had an in-built want to carry on the rich, Christian legacy of our families. Both our families have been involved in Missionary work in India since the 60s, including charity work, preaching, running not-for-profits and Christian songwriting. Those who have gone before us have given us a lot to live up for, not for their name but for the name of Jesus. Witness Merch is how we carry on these rich testimonies left to us into the world. 


We love making merchandise to support and inspire you in your walk with God. Check out more information about us below!

Hey I’m Tarun! Your designs are made by me, with a lot of thought and care! I also love Photography, videography and basically all things visually creative.

My favourite part of Witness Merch is: Knowing that my designs touched someone or gave them hope.

Hello! I’m Sarah. When you contact us, you usually get to talk to me. If you’ve ever heard from us, that’s probably me too! I look after the content creation marketing & comms side. My favourite part of Witness Merch is: Getting to hear the amazing testimonies of how God has worked through our products.




Soon, we began to diversify our range of products, and gained traction through a very successful, first-ever market stall in Hellensville, Auckland. While working in retail, we noticed that people often loved the colour of a certain product but didn’t quite love the wording. This was when we came up with the idea of customisation our products based on the specific faith needs of our customers. People loved to co-create their own personal faith-based merch.



Now we press on with Witness Merch, with so much more knoweldge of who God is to us and what He can do. This small business has taught us so much about God, and the more we press into Him, the moer opportunities and blessings He brings our way. He continues to guide us and bring more incredible opportunities above and beyond what we can imagine!


Witness Merch started off as just a t-shirt project the summer of 2020-2021. We got some friends together for a photoshoot, printed some business cards, created an Instagram page and off we went. Little did we know that this summer project would become something bigger in just a couple of years!



Around 2022, we started to become more intentional with reaching more Christians, of all ages in New Zealand. Reach within New Zealand has always been a challenge for us, so God brought some amazing opportunities our way through market organisers reaching out to us, and even local podcasts giving us place to talk about our story!


Providing affordable and accessible Christian merchandise New Zealand wide, to support people’s faith journey.  


We believe that giving God’s word to someone is the best gift regardless of circumstances or situation, it is a gift you can always hold on to.

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